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We are a WBE & HUB certified hybrid-agency that turns a napkin sketch into reality by connecting creative resources to create branded programs and build themed spaces while providing an engaging consumer experience that defines and creates mass attention.

Have Things Changed?

If you haven’t noticed, working from home, virtual meetings, gaming, etc. have become the norm. So, why not focus on digital? The Bubble helps create turn-key digital production by helping organizations make their scene through strategy and visual content creation.

These days organizations are expected to create all types of content:

  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts

It’s not a matter of one solution being right and the other wrong. But when you consider what type of content to create, video should be on the top of your list.

According to Demand Metric, in partnership with Vidyard, 83% of survey respondents said that video is increasing in importance.

And this doesn’t just apply to marketers.

A video is ideal to use any time there are many steps, or the process involves movement. This why video is becoming a key tool for sales, training, and support teams.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality does not create artificial environment, but it can play with the existing environment and also overlays feature on it. Likewise VR, AR also found applications in various fields. AR design and development of a three-dimensional physical model has typically been viewed as a critical part of the design process. Augmented Reality software for design, we’d already been discussing internally how the advanced visualization technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality would be implemented across our design ecosystem. The Augmented reality is additive, overlaying digital content onto the real world. The user is aware of and can still interact with his environment. Designers of AR software and apps will find many of the traditional tools still extremely useful: e.g., paper and video prototyping, understanding existing mental models, etc. It is AR models of the featured components that can be viewed through iOS devices.

Augmented reality is providing new ways to deliver digital 3D models and data and propose a specific use of computer-based 3D modeling for the design development process. Augmented Reality technology used to create virtual product models, addresses the inherent difficulties with the delivery of physical models and facilitates sharing feedback with all constituents involved in the design process. Augmented Reality technology into the product design process may offer a viable solution for working in the globalized, data driven design environment. In the early stage of development, a designer might want to quickly build a rough model to study basic forms of ideas and study them. Usually, the quality of the model is not an issue; it is mostly used to get a “sense” of proportion and characteristics of the model. AR system generates a composite view with a combination of a virtual model or scene and the physical, real life setting in which the viewer is located. The technology has until recently been expensive, resource demanding and requiring advanced knowledge in the field. Due to these factors the use has been limited mainly to military, medical research and other highly specialized applications. In the field of medicine, AR used for making the surgery easier, can be possible through visualization method. GPS systems use augmented reality to make it easier to get from point A to point B. There are several applications for augmented reality in the sightseeing and tourism industries. Computer gaming becomes more impressive due to these AR features. Likewise, AR and VR turn into a piece of human life.

Mixed Reality (AR & VR)

Nowadays, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) play a big role in the field of technology. Virtual reality is an artificial environment presented to the user in such a way that the user experiences a real environment. It is created through a software. We can experience virtual reality through sight and sound. Virtual reality has application in various fields such as military, healthcare, fashion, business, sport, education, scientific visualization, heritage, engineering, telecommunications, film, media etc. Virtual reality training involves the use of head mounted displays (HMD) and data gloves to enable military personnel to interact with objects within a virtual environment. Virtual reality is often used as a diagnostic tool in that it enables doctors to arrive at a diagnosis in conjunction with other methods such as MRI scans. This removes the need for invasive procedures or surgery. Robotic surgery is another example. Also, virtual reality is one of the methods for a live fashion show. For business purpose, VR is used for holding meetings at different locations. In the field of sports, VR is used as one of the main training agents. Imagine the field of scientific visualization in which VR can be used for representation of graphics, which helps views for more satisfaction. Checking errors in the construction field and in programming languages, it should be essential now. Main role of Virtual reality is that it can make entertaining videos with much more visual effects.

At the end of the day, our Digital Video Production just wants to make you look a smart way! We are not just passionate about pixels – we turn them it into art.

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